The diversity of soils, plots and grapes make an exceptional wine. A powerful wine, elegant wine, a wine to keep but also a wine to drink. A great wine.


Alexander Pumpyanskiy


An elegant architecture

The winery is a new powerful and innovative tool for creating great wines that make our reputation. It is also the ideal place to welcome our customers and visitors to Pézenas.

The new buildings blend harmoniously in the perspective of the ancestral house to the chapel, taking both a plaster clear ocher lime and gray color similar to that iconic basalt which is found both in the vineyard floor and several buildings including the surrounding wall.



Art of Excellence

We have carefully studied each material to give us a high level of equipment capable to respect the integrity and quality of our grapes. The plot on a wine vineyard also fragmented requires innovative technical choices.

The entire facility can manage each vat at all times, with the highest precision, both in terms of winemaking than extraction: from the pre-fermentation cold maceration at 5 ° C to the post-fermentation maceration to warm to  35 ° C.



Oenotourisme et Grands Vins à Pézenas

Une architecture élégante pour une innovation performante